I’ve struggled for a while with the notion of ‘ego’.

I think Australians really don’t like the word as it is associated with being ‘egotistical’ and ‘full of yourself’. Better to sit back, not be too smart, loud or knowledgable.

Yet our ego relates to our sense of our self, our ‘self-hood’, and this knowledge is essential if we are to work effectively with a group. Facilitators require a high level of self awareness and a deep understanding of ‘who’ they are and what they stand for. Self-confidence needs to be carefully balanced with self-reflection, so that we can do that delicate dance of facilitation which is stepping forward (to create safe parameters for dialogue) and stepping back (to allow the power and wisdom of the group to emerge).

When is it appropriate to step forward, lead from the front, intervene, question? What voice to we listen to, trust, to know when to step back and go with the flow so that group leadership and knowledge is free to emerge?

I’m looking forward to exploring these ideas of ‘ego’, presence, stepping forward and stepping back at the Facilitation One Day Wonder in Melbourne next week. It’s a brilliant opportunity for diverse, peer learning, find our more at http://onedaywonder.org.au/ – hope to see you there.