Facilitation skills to enable groups to work effectively together and harness their collective wisdom.

In working with large and small groups in very diverse situations we take a flexible approach to respond to the needs and context of each project, without being tied to any particular facilitation or research technique. As facilitators our role is not to judge or take a position on what is being discussed (the content) but to support a safe and productive process for everyone involved to make well-informed decisions.

With over 30 years of experience working in groups with diverse interests, issues and communication needs from large conference settings and public dialogue, to board and team strategy sessions, we will work in partnership with you to engage and inspire.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Some people call it training, we prefer capacity building because training assumes you are an empty vessel and we have all the knowledge! Collaborations approaches professional development as a pear learning opportunity to build the skills and awareness of individuals to lead and work with groups. We look forward to seeing you at one of our up-coming workshops or working with you to design a program for you and your organisation.

We currently offer the following:

“Fearless Facilitation”
“The Authentic Facilitator” ©
“Working Together Ways” ©
“Walking Together” ©


Policy and Planning

Policy & Planning

Strategic planning skills to provide insights into each challenge and support informed decision making.

We bring our research, policy development and strategic planning skills to a wider range of planning and community issues. Our project experience includes multi-disciplinary work on diverse issues, including urban design, strategic planning, housing, health, community infrastructure, disability, sustainable development and community safety.

Our work in design and implementation of community and stakeholder engagement processes has been awarded nationally because we take the time to understand the context in which we are working and design an approach which responds to the needs of each client and project.

What our clients say

We continually look for how we can add value for our clients and here is what they say:

  • "Working with you is a very grounding experience. People are able to engage with complex issues and content in a very accessible way."
    Testimonial 7
    Council Planning Director
  • "Your workshop was the most valuable investment I have made in my own learning for ages. You have transformed the way I facilitate."
    Testimonial 6
    Workshop participant
  • "Thank you Michelle, you never disappoint! I am always impressed with your meticulous planning and engagement with us to ensure each event will deliver the intended outcomes in a way that is engaging and interactive. Your capacity to generate interest and engagement by participants whether they are professionals or community members is impressive. I value your clarity and focus as well as your sound advice."
    Testimonial 5
    Not-for-profit CEO

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