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    unlocking collaborative potential

Our Story

At Collaborations we support people to work together to create and deliver lasting outcomes. Our research, facilitation and strategic planning expertise will enable you to unlock the knowledge and potential required to address present challenges and future opportunities.

Our Values

Client Relationships

Client relationships

We are committed to going the extra mile that is required to build quality working relationships which value the knowledge and skills of all involved. Lasting outcomes can only be delivered by working in partnership to build share understanding and ownership



Our reputation as an honest broker and independent expert is critical to our client relationships and longevity. We pride ourselves in role modelling respect for all involved and our commitment to delivering on commitments made.



In a complex world, there is always more to any issue or situation than meets the eye. It takes courage to ask the tough questions and get to the heart of what really matters and identify levers for change.

Learning and Growth

Learning and growth

We are always looking for the opportunity to improve, innovate and learn. We demonstrate this by responding to the unique circumstances of each project and building skills and capacity in others.


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What our clients say

We continually look for how we can add value for our clients and here is what they say:

  • "Bringing different and diverse stakeholders together and managing those difficult dynamics. Managing expectations and supporting ownership of the process."
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  • "Collaborations is rock solid and reliable to work with. You always get a group to a decision or an outcome. You deliver on your promises and go one step beyond."
    Testimonial 1
    Themeforest Customer
  • "Your questions and insights always help us to shape a better process and outcome. I appreciate your authenticity and fearless advice."
    Testimonial 2
    Themeforest Customer
  • Respect. Respect for all involved, for the issues of concern and for mapping a way forward. You create a safe environment where everyone feels valued.
    Testimonial 3
    Themeforest Customer