We are living at a time when change is the only constant. Many of the things we hang onto in our day and in our lives are no longer guaranteed. I was facilitating on-line today with my colleagues at the Planning Institute of Australia and we acknowledged the steep learning curve of adjusting how we work and what work looks like for those who are now under-employed or have no job at all. For those who are still working and working from home, this is not the only adjustment. Domestic life and working life have collided and need to be managed. Our physical and mental well-being have become more of a challenge. The human connections, freedoms and daily tasks we took for granted have to be renegotiated.

As the working landscape changes for everyone, it is easy to forget that we are more than our technical skills and how important all those other capacities are in challenging times – our resourcefulness, adaptability, persistence, self-discipline, empathy. So I want to reach out to those of you who are looking for a focus, some opportunity for reflection and professional/personal growth.  My book, “Lessons from the Trough”, is a professional development journal that you can dive into on your own, or use each chapter as a focus for discussion to develop the capacity of your team. Take some time out to build your own capacity to step back in when the opportunity arises. Work with your colleagues to process some of the tricky issues you have been avoiding dealing with. Some of the issues covered in the book include: identifying and working with your strengths, dealing with conflict, working with diversity, supporting collaboration and finding a way forward when all the rules go out the window.

I have discounted “Lessons from the Trough” for the next two months, if you would like to take advantage of this offer, head to the Products page.  New to our workshop offering is a facilitated online, ‘study group’, commencing Tuesday 4th of May. If you would like to join with a small group of like-minded people to dive into these topics send me an email. Stay well and stay connected to those who help you to be at your best.