Like all small businesses this has been such a challenging year! I feel like I have ‘pivoted’ myself to dizziness at times. Constant evaluation of how I can give good value to clients working remotely, when my work has previously been so reliant on face-to-face interactions.

Collaboration has such a different quality on-line, even with all the amazing tools that have emerged to support interactivity and exchange. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone on many occasions as an avatar, with on-line murals and real time co-authoring of documents. I have found my own tricks to shift the pace of on-line dynamics, support greater inclusion, different learning styles and creativity.  Its been exciting, but for me still doesn’t replace the sensory experience of being in a room and working with that amazing energy and dynamics of group collaboration.

A real joy has been the opportunity to overcome distances and time zones and work with an international team of facilitators to create the Never Done Before Festival for November 20th 2020. What a ride! Led by the amazing Myriam Hadnes from Amsterdam (check out her fantastic facilitation podcasts), this will be a rolling event over 24 hours. A feast of facilitation with the opportunity to be exposed to different ideas and approaches from all around the world. You won’t be disappointed if you dive in!

I will be pushing myself out of my comfort zone yet again, to host a large group workshop exploring the integration and opportunities for silence in group situations to support creativity, reflection and learning.

Stay safe, stay creative, stay inspired!